Avalon GloboCare Subsidiary GenExosome Expands Operations into the United States

Launches US headquarters for marketing and distribution of proprietary Exosome Isolation System

Announces plans to introduce proprietary diagnostic and therapeutic products leveraging exosome technology

FREEHOLD, NJ -- (Marketwired) -- 02/14/18 -- Avalon GloboCare Corp. (OTCQB: AVCO), a leading global developer of cell-based technologies, announced today that its majority-owned subsidiary, GenExosome Technologies Inc. (GenExosome), has formally launched its U.S. operations, with plans to market and distribute its proprietary Exosome Isolation Systems from its new headquarters in Ohio. The Company also announced plans to develop proprietary diagnostic and therapeutic products leveraging its exosome technology. The Company has already begun hiring personnel for marketing and customer fulfilment.

Exosomes are tiny, subcellular, membrane-bound vesicles, measuring 30-150 nm in diameter, that are released by almost all cell types. Exosomes can carry membrane and cellular proteins, as well as genetic materials that are representative of the cell of origin. Profiling various bio-molecules in exosomes may serve as useful biomarkers for a wide variety of diseases.

GenExosome's Exosome Isolation Systems are designed to be used by researchers for biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostic development, as well as the advancement of targeted therapies. Currently, research kits and services are available to isolate exosomes or extract exosomal RNA/protein from serum/plasma, urine and saliva samples. GenExosome is seeking to decode proteomic and genomic alterations underlying a wide-range of pathologies, thus allowing for the introduction of novel non-invasive liquid biopsies.

Yu Zhou, M.D., Ph.D, Co-CEO of GenExosome stated, "In recent years, the rapid development of the exosome market has attracted attention from scientists and clinicians. However, the clinical application of exosomes is hampered by a lack of optimal methods for isolation and purification of high quality exosomes. When compared to conventional exosome isolation methods, our novel exosome isolation system provides an efficient and robust method of obtaining high-purity exosome population devoid of contamination with other similar size particles and proteins. We are excited to launch our operations in the Unites States."

David Jin, M.D., Ph.D., President and CEO of Avalon GloboCare as well as Co-CEO of its subsidiary GenExosome Technologies Inc., stated, "We are pleased to formally launch operations of our GenExosome subsidiary in the U.S. We believe our proprietary Exosome Isolation System is a disruptive and enabling technology that could transform the 'liquid biopsy' and regenerative medicine markets by making exosome-specific diagnostics and therapies more readily available and commercially viable. Specifically, this technology enables us to capture exosomes quickly and efficiently from a tiny volume of any bodily fluids. Our studies have shown that our proprietary isolation system is more efficient and effective than what is available today, with faster extraction and higher purity results. Our current focus is on the development of diagnostic products in the fields of oncology, infectious diseases and fibrotic diseases, as well as the discovery and development of therapeutics based on disease-specific exosomes."

About Avalon GloboCare Corp.

Avalon GloboCare Corp. (OTCQB: AVCO) is a global intelligent biotech developer and healthcare service provider dedicated to promoting and empowering high impact, transformative cell-based /technologies and their clinical applications, as well as healthcare facility management through its core platforms, namely "Avalon Cell" and "Avalon Rehab." In addition, Avalon provides strategic advisory and outsourcing services to facilitate and enhance their clients' growth, development, as well as competitiveness in both domestic and global healthcare markets. Avalon also engages in the management of stem cell banks and specialty clinical laboratories. Through its U.S. subsidiary, GenExosome Technologies Inc., Avalon further establishes its leading role in the fields of liquid biopsy, precision medicine and regenerative medicine.

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